Our top Tips to keep your Fiddle Leaf Thriving

Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus Lyrata) are the most popular plants with their amazing large glossy leaves.

They can grow into tall plants and are ideal for a statement piece with their lush greenery.

However these statement plants can sometimes be hard to keep alive.

Below we have our tips to help you keep your Fiddle alive and thriving in your space.


Place in a bright indoor spot away from direct sunlight. Once you find a place that your Fiddle Leaf is happy do not move it. Fiddles are quite fussy and once happy do not like sudden change.


Keep clear of cold draughts. Fiddles prefer warm indoor spots or frost-free partly shaded spots outdoors. Fiddles love to have their leaves misted with water regularly in warmer months.


Good quality premium potting mix that drains well.


Water when the surface of the potting mix is dry. Your Fiddle will tell you they need water when the leaves are not rigid and upright. They also love having their leaves washed off in a cold shower occasionally.


It is best to feed your Fiddle in growth season which is Spring and Summer. Use a slow release soil food every couple of months during this period. We recommend the Munash Organics Soil Food. 

If you would like to add a Fiddle Leaf Fig to your plant collection click here.