Looking after your Pots

There’s plenty of information on how to look after your plants, but we often forget about the pot.  Here’s some handy tips on how to keep your POTS happy!


- Once you have your pots home remove all plastic/packaging from them.

- Do not leave pots out in the weather with the plastic wrap on as this can affect the surface.

- Outdoor pots should have a drainage hole. It is important water is able to easily drain from the pot. This will keep both your pot and your plant happy and healthy!

- A patch of fibreglass fly screen can be placed over the drainage hole inside the pot to minimise soil particles from escaping.

- To help keep the drainage hole ‘free’, pots should be raised slightly using tiles positioned evenly beneath the pot, not covering drainage holes.

- Always use a good quality potting mix. 

- Choose the location for your plant carefully. Once planted, avoid lifting or moving a fiberglass pot.

- If using pots inside we recommend keeping plants in the growers pots and placing these inside the feature pots.  This way you can remove plant and place outside to water, drain and then place back inside when completed.
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