Indoor Plant Care Routine

Munash signature 3 step plant care routine for healthy, vibrant and happy indoor plants. Scientifically developed to work in sync together by feeding the soil, the plant, and the foliage.

Make the most of your plant’s maximum potential using our 3-step plant care routine.

We don’t just want your plants to grow, we want them to thrive! 

To achieve the very best results from your indoor plants, it is imperative to provide an environment and growing conditions conducive to optimal plant health, and this truly amazing and very easy 3 step plant care program will achieve just that!

THE SOIL: Foundation

The Soil is like our gut.
It’s no secret that plants thrive when the soil they are planted in is well nourished.

Just like our gut, soil processes nutrients and has its own microbiome which directly supports the life and health of plants growing in it. Exactly like our gut, soil is teaming with life, and it’s the health of this Home that is critical in supporting plant growth and ultimately its life. Just as we need to eat a healthy and nourishing balanced diet, so does soil.
Feed your soil and your plants will have a happier and healthier Home to thrive in.
Step One – Feed the Soil with Munash Organics Indoor Plant Soil Food (Soil Conditioner)
Munash ‘Soil Food’ cleverly replicates the rock minerals from which healthy topsoils are formed.
Topsoil (rich upper soil layer where roots live) is where plant growth takes place. Our highly balanced and specifically curated formula combining 67 essential minerals is the perfect source of food for the billions of microbes and biology in potting mix and soil.
Soil is alive. Let’s say that again. Soil is alive! But, to keep it that way we must feed it.
We must pay just as much attention to the soil, as we do to plants themselves, if not more.
Remember, plants know what to do, they are programmed to grow not die, and all we need to do is nourish the Home we plant them in so they can do just that, exactly as Mother Nature intended…
Plants will grow and thrive, or alternatively die, in direct response to the health, or lack thereof, in the soil they are planted in.
THE PLANT: Nourish
The Plant is like our body.
We as humans have a complex living system which needs an array of well-balanced nourishment so that our immune system is strong, our organs are firing, our cells are growing and repairing, so we function at our best, and look and feel great!
Nourishing a plant in a similar way with essential nutrients, hormones, enzymes, trace elements, minerals and vitamins will ensure its defences against pest and disease are strong, plant processes are efficient, cells are growing, and the plant thrives, looking (and hopefully feeling) great!
Step Two – Feed the Plant with Munash Organics Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic (Plant Fertiliser)
Munash ‘Seaweed Tonic’ is rich in growth hormones, amino acids, plant regulators and essential minerals that directly feed the plant. Amino acids (increase chlorophyll concentration) are abundant in this nutrient rich formula, supporting the plant during photosynthesis, without which it will not grow.
It also contains significant oligosaccharides (a fibre component of plant tissue) which acts as a prebiotic for soil microbes, enhances root development, assists rigid plant growth.
The Seaweed Tonic nourishes plants with food to ensure they are healthy from the inside out.
The Foliage is like our lungs and our skin.
What we breathe in and what touches our skin matters.
Cleaning a plant’s leaves and keeping their foliage pores open and hydrated means the plant can more effectively absorb (breathe in) carbon dioxide, and in turn provide us with oxygen. Foliage that can effectively ‘breathe’ will photosynthesise more efficiently, create more sugars and thus have more energy, resulting in greater vigour, brighter colour and variegation, have defensive strength against pest and disease, and simply foliage will glow. Just like a good direct skin care routine is important for our skin, it’s also what we eat and put in our bodies that we can see results of on the outside - so feeding the soil, as well as feeding the plant will also help plant foliage glow!
Step Three – Feed the Foliage with our Munash Organics Indoor Plant Foliage Spray (Nutrient Spray)
Munash ‘Foliage Spray’ is developed from a specialised range of minerals, enzymes and fulvic acid.
Fulvic acid is a natural nutrient carrier helping the plant foliage and the plant’s cells to absorb nutrients easily.
Just as fulvic acid in skin care brightens and protects the skin, the same will happen to your foliage. The foliage spray is hydrating, nourishing and protects. The lightweight, non-comedogenic formula (does not block or clog pores) will very gently but directly nourish, plump and brighten your plant foliage.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Humans.  
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