How to Care for an Olive Tree Indoors

There are so many options for indoor plants, however the Olive Tree has become the new popular choice.  Typically an outdoor in-ground plant, the Olive Tree has a beautiful light coloured foliage giving a relaxed Mediterranean vibe.

Climate and position

Typically, olive trees are used to growing in hot, dry climates or near the coast. Given this, your olive tree will need lots of natural light so if you can, position your plant near direct sunlight. Another suggestion is to rotate every month, so they can grow towards your light source evenly and remain straight.


Your olive tree will require regular watering, however it will not cope with being overwatered. Once the soil has dried out give it a light water. There's no need to spritz the plant between watering either as it's used to dry climates.

If you want to give your olive tree some extra care, take it outside and give it a good water and wash every few months, ensuring you're washing its leaves to rid it of any pests that may have latched on under the leaves and dust.


Olive trees need a fertiliser with a high amount of nutrients, particularly nitrogen. Use a solution that is balanced in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and fertilise your tree in early spring and late summer.

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